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Meadow Hall Teacher Center

The Meadow Hall Teacher Centre (MHTC) is a Meadow Hall Foundation initiative aimed at equipping public school teachers with basic skills and resources needed to enhance the teaching and learning environment in their schools.

MHTC will have an extensive and up-to-date collection of teaching resources, books, educational catalogues, periodicals and newsletters.

It will provide early education, primary and secondary school teachers with access to free instructional materials and professional development resources. It will, also, provide opportunities for teachers to network and work collaboratively.

There will be seminar rooms in these centers available for teacher professional development.

The collection of resources planned for the centre are

  • Sample lesson plans on various subjects,
  • Modern text books,
  • White Board and Marker,
  • Computers and internet connectivity,
  • Resources on continuing professional development,
  • Publications and Journals,
  • Useful websites,
  • Ready-made materials/teaching aids,
  • Sections and materials for different subjects,
  • Sample projects, and
  • Materials for a basic pronunciation and listening centre.