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Founder’s Day Charity Programme

Meadow Hall’s Founder’s Day is an annual event aimed at celebrating the life and work of Meadow Hall’s Founder, Mrs. Kehinde Nwani, and raising funds towards meeting the needs of under-privileged students and schools within our community. At this event, food, music, sports, and entertainment are some of the highlights of the day.

Additionally, children receive cash donations and gift items.

This event also provides an opportunity for students from Meadow Hall and Ilasan Primary School to mix and participate in various activities together.

Past Events include:

1. Walkathon: Fundraising event
2. Mentoring event on etiquette for year 6 students of Ilasan Primary School and Meadow Hall.
3. Lego Party: where children learned how to play various Lego games.

Past Participants:
1. Children from Heritage Home
2. Living Spring Foundation
3. Arrow of God Orphanage
4. Ilasan Primary School