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AAF – MHF Leadership Programme



The Akinjide Adeosun Foundation’s Leadership Programme in partnership with Meadow Hall Foundation is designed to strengthen students’ leadership abilities and develop future leaders. The programme commenced at the start of the 2016/17 session. The curriculum is designed into six (6) modules with strong emphasis on the following values: Excellence, Integrity, Empathy, Godliness and Transformation.

  • Module 1 – Leadership Process, Skills & Styles

On this module, emphasis are made on the different leadership styles and the context of their application.

  • Module 2 – Leadership Levels

Emphasis are made on some great leaders that reached the pinnacles in influencing society through their work and actions in this module.

  • Module 3 – Leadership Secrets of Jesus Christ (Leader by Example)

On this module, the leadership secrets of Jesus Christ will be highlighted.

  • Module 4 – Leadership Case Study

This module involves the students taking time out to research and deliberate on some pre-selected role models who would be acting on a pro bono basis, students would be grouped and made to run through each values (Excellence, Transformation, Godliness, Empathy & Integrity) among themselves and on a fixed date, the role model would reinforce what was discussed.

  • Module 5 – Leadership Project

Students are given a leadership project template and work independently to research on leadership concepts and outcomes.

  • Module 6 – Leadership Shadow

This aspect is basically targeted at the top 3 students with the best projects. They would have the opportunity to shadow some captains of Industry.