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Sir Demola Aladekomo

Sir. Demola Aladekomo

Chairman, Meadow Hall Foundation
Demola Aladekomo is the Group Managing Director of CHAMS Group and the Managing Director of Chams Plc. He started CHAMS 27 years ago as the first indigenous computer maintenance outfit.

Over the years, the company has pioneered many new technologies and provided intelligent solutions to a wide range of public and private initiatives. Some of his achievements in the field of IT practice include the first wide-area-network on PCs in Nigeria, the first company to venture into card technologies in Nigeria and the Guinness Book of Records recognition for Chams City Innovation.

With a commitment and passion to provide solutions that leads to the enhancement of the living standards of the Nigerian people, he led the team that won the concession on the Identity Management Program in Nigeria among other trail blazing efforts in Nigeria.

Demola is acknowledged as the brain behind the success of the first e-payment card in Nigeria birthed by the ValuCard project working with a consortium of 5 indigenous Banks.

Demola was also part of the first Chief Executive Program at the Lagos Business School (LBS) and now serves as the President of the Lagos Business School Alumni Association (LBSAA).

He is the immediate Past President and a Fellow of the Nigeria Computer Society (FNCS), a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and a fellow of the Computer Professional Registration Council (CPN). He is the Chairman, Board of Trustees: Volunteer Corps, a non-governmental organisation committed to professional volunteerism for public school education.

Demola also served as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of SmartCard Society of Nigeria.