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Free Teacher Professional Development Training

Meadow Hall Foundation recognizes the need for teachers to equip learners with a wide range of skills to cope with the demands of the 21st Century.

To this end, MHF offers free professional development opportunities to help update the Nigerian teachers especially, teachers from public and low-cost private schools, with the latest evidence -based strategies in education.

Empowering teachers to use these strategies to positively impact teaching and learning outcomes in the Nigerian classroom.

Some of these trainings are:

This as facilitated by Mr. Olufemi Folaponmile, An INSEA Ambassador. He chose that location because of their lack of opportunities. A low brow area with school teachers who can barely afford the fees for any decent training, this training was an opportunity to give the teachers a formal training they couldn’t afford.

This event held on Saturday, 5th of October, 2019, at Meadow Hall School, Lekki and facilitated by Dr. Kehinde Nwani. The ‘Train the Trainers’ project as initiated by our Founder, Dr. Kehinde Nwani, was proposed to engage and train current and previous winners of the Inspirational Educator Awards (INSEA), who in turn further train other teachers in their communities and states across Nigeria.

The ‘Art for Nation Building’ project held on Saturday, 26th October 2019 and was initiated to train educators, especially those from public and low-cost private schools serving children living in disadvantaged communities in Lagos, on practical ways/tools that can be used to create fun and colorful classroom decorations, using affordable and accessible materials

Adopted in 2015, the goal was to improve the quality of education in the teachers, at the school. We ensure the teachers are also present at our other trainings. Learn More…

Public & low-cost private school Teachers trained.