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Mentorship Programme

Boys and Girls 
This segment of the mentoring programme will be geared towards enriching children in various areas (morals, ethics, etiquette, leadership, entrepreneurship, etc.) that are necessary to prepare children to be Godly and excellent people; it will also prepare them for living a purpose-filled life in the 21st Century.

MHF’s Mentorship Programme is our newest initiative. It was borne out of a desire to impact the younger generation beyond the classroom. While schools cater, majorly, for their cognitive development, non-cognitive skills and social competencies need to be developed, also, and nurtured. The Mentorship Programme aims to prepare young people to live Godly and excellent lives and help them achieve their highest potential. It comprises of seminars, mentoring and counseling over the course of a year.

The mentoring programme will cater to the following groups of people:

Meadow Hall Education has been using best practices to positively impact the lives of children for the past 14 years. My team and I bring our experience to bear in impacting other educator’s practice through this segment of the mentoring programme.