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Harvest Assembly 2018

Harvest Assembly 2018

On the 15th of November, The Foundation along with staff and students from Meadow Hall Education paid its yearly visit to The Shelter for Abused Women and Children, and a new home, Vigilant Heart. Mr Akin, the head admin of The Shelter, welcomed everyone into their premises and entertained questions from the students. The inquisitive nature of the students pleased Mr Akin as he dutifully answered each and one of their questions, explaining to them the nature of home.

Gift and cash donations were made.

Although without the students for our trip to Vigilant Heart, we were welcomed by the lovely Chidinma Eke, the social worker. The Viligant Heart is home to 76 children.

The Harvest Assembly initiative serves as a platform to enlighten our children on the importance of giving and community service.
The children (MHE) raise funds and contribute all gift items donated yearly to the recipients of the programme.
The Shelter since 2014 have been recipient of this initiative.


Nov 23 2018


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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