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Back to School Drive

Nigeria has witnessed an increase in the enrollment of children into primary school with the implementation of the compulsory, free Universal Basic Education (UBE) Act which was passed into law in 2004. Despite this increased enrollment rates however, net attendance is only about 70% with Nigeria still having about 10.5 million out-of-school children – sadly, the world’s highest number as at 2015 (UNESCO EFAreport).

In spite of this intervention, there are still a lot of other factors that limit the access of underprivileged children from going to school and getting something meaningful from their time in the classroom. One of which is the fact that many families are struggling and while education is theoretically free, in practice ‘informal fees’ see parents forced to pay for ‘compulsory basic school supplies & items’ like school developmental/support levies, uniforms, books, pen etc. which the children need to be effective.

Meadow Hall Foundation through the ‘Back to School Drive’ seeks to provide school supplies (back pack, note books, stationery, stationery case and water bottles) for 1,000 children in rural communities within Eti-Osa Lagos, Nigeria.  This we believe, will have a profound impact on these children and their learning experiences.

You can help

  • Support a child, two, ten or more
  • Buy an extra pencil, pen, notebooks & water bottles while shopping for your kids (contact us for drop off options)
  • Share our e-banners on your social media platforms
  • Tell families and friends – You may feel like a drop in the bucket but every drop counts!

Why should you care?

  • These children will have access to basic school supplies and the chance to be happy resuming & staying in school.
  • It will help them stay focused and aid their learning experiences in school.
  • They will have a chance to an equal opportunity in education which begins by first making sure they have the right tools to succeed.

For more inquiries, partnerships and sponsorships, email  or call 07058012288

(Every donation is appreciated no matter how small!)